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No leaves, no problem for winter pruning!

Updated: Nov 21, 2019

Written by: Certified Arborist August Hoppe WI-477A

Fall leaf color in SE Wisconsin is now well past its peak. Most trees have shed their leaves and are starting to settle in for winter, leaving behind bare branches and the ability to look at your trees from a different perspective. With no leaves, the branch structure of trees is much more visible and not obscured by a dense canopy. This creates a great opportunity to spot branches and limbs that should be pruned for the health of the tree.

A close examination of your tree can reveal branches that rub on or interfere with the main scaffold limbs, waterspouts/suckers that are growing off main limbs and trunks, and dead branches. Deadwood can be apparent even in winter, as dead branches have no branch buds, bark peels off it, and it becomes very brittle. Without leaves on the tree, it’s also possible to more easily locate troublesome cavities, or cracks that could cause tree weakness.

Hoppe Tree Service offers tree inspection services this dormant season. Our exam-certified arborists can walk your property and look for tree safety issues, routine maintenance needs and plant health care needs to ensure that your trees are taken care of.

Late fall and winter are an ideal time for pruning as well:

· Insects and diseases are not present in winter

· It’s easier to see what branches should be pruned

· Gardens and lawns are often dormant, allowing for easier access with equipment

If you are interested in having a no-cost, no-obligation tree inspection of your landscape this dormant season, feel free to contact our office at 414-640-8714 or sign up here.

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