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Hoppe Tree DAY of Service

We are no longer accepting applications for 2023, and will soon announce our 2023 Days of Service. Thank you for your interest!

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RACINE ZOO, Feb 2022

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Women's Center, Sept 2022

Zachariah's Acres, Feb 2022

Arborist Internship/



Do you have a service project that calls for our arborist skills and talents?

Our mission is taking care of people and their trees. We have a unique skill set as arborists and love to use our knowledge, expertise and equipment to help in the communities where we live and work. Read our blog about our 2022 Days of Service! We are no longer accepting applications for 2023.

Ideal Day of Service projects may include:

  • Partnerships with nonprofits or other community organizations - we love to maximize our impact!  

  • A project that encompasses multiple facets of tree care including aerial work with pruning and/or removal along with groundwork such as woody invasive species removal, and/or pruning or removal of smaller trees and shrubs. *If tree planting is requested we may not be able to cover the cost of the nursery stock. 

  • A project that makes an ecological impact and can increase people's exposure to nature and trees.  

  • A project that can be done during February - April 2023

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