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Join Us on Zoom; Invite Your Family & Friends

The 2022 Dean Hoppe Run/Walk commemorates Hoppe Tree Service Founder Dean Hoppe, who passed away from cancer in 2020.

August for zoom.png

August Hoppe, certified arborist

Brad for zoom.jpg

Brad Hill,

certified arborist

Common Insects, Diseases and Other Issues
That Can Affect Your Trees & Shrubs

Wednesday, Feb. 15th, 6:30-7:30pm

FREE on Zoom! Learn about potential issues that can affect the health of your plants. This conversation will help you understand which problems are serious and need attention versus cosmetic issues that come and go. Presented by certified arborist and Hoppe Tree Service President August Hoppe, and certified arborist and Hoppe Plant Health Care Services Manager Brad Hill.

Fred head shot cropped.jpg

Fred Hoppe, Board Certified Master Arborist, ISA Tree Risk Assessment Qualified

Top Trees to Plant in 2023
Tuesday, Mar. 7th, 6:30-7:30pm

FREE on Zoom! Over the last several years our urban forest canopy has been in decline as older trees continue to be removed due to insect issues or diseases. In this webinar, we’ll focus on planting the right new tree in the right place. Learn about interesting trees and shrubs that grow well in our local climate and are proven winners in Wisconsin. Learn from Board Certified Master Arborist Fred Hoppe, Hoppe Tree Service co-owner.

2023 Webinars: Watch Now On-Demand

August pruning cropped.jpg

August Hoppe, certified arborist

Prune Smaller Trees & Shrubs with Confidence!
presented Jan. 10th, watch now on-demand

Learn how to prune common landscape plants to keep them healthy, strong and vibrant. In this presentation by certified arborist and Hoppe Tree Service President August Hoppe, we focus on proper branch structure and multi-stem shrubs.

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