You and your family are invited!

We want to thank all of our great customers for helping us through a trying year with our Grafton fire and of course, COVID. We invite you to reserve a spot for one of our arborist talks. Take your pick, live from your car (or spatially distant) or virtually through our ZOOM link. Space will be limited to 35 cars per time slot at 1813 S. 73rd Street, West Allis.  Popcorn will be provided! 


11:00–11:30am: Keys to Pruning Trees & Shrubs, followed by a Hoppe Shop tour via your car


12:30–1:00pm: Top 7 Things to Keep Your Trees & Shrubs Healthy, followed by a Hoppe

                       Shop tour via your car


2:00–2:30pm: Interesting Characteristics About Trees, followed by a Hoppe Shop tour via

                     your car


Big Trees: Hazard or Healthy?

Thursday April 23, 2020
A strong and healthy large tree can be an asset to anyone's yard, but what happens if your tree shows warning signs of problems? As we head into the Spring storm season, learn from HTS co-owner Fred Hoppe, who is a board certified master arborist and ISA qualified tree risk assessment professional, and HTS President and certified arborist August Hoppe, about what trouble spots to look for to determine if your tree is a hazard or healthy. 



Picking & Planting the Right Tree

Thursday April 9, 2020
Our certified arborists share how to go about selecting the right tree for the right spot. We also discuss how to correctly plant a tree.  

What's Bugging My Trees?

Thursday April 2, 2020
Learn about the interesting insects and diseases that can affect the health of our common landscape trees with board certified master arborist John Wayne Farber.  Learn which issues are serious health issues versus simply cosmetic, and how to help prevent insects and diseases from attacking your trees. 




Top 7 Things to Do to Keep Your Trees & Shrubs Healthy and Happy

Thursday March 26, 2020
Learn the key aspects of how to keep your trees and shrubs thriving. Join board certified master arborist John Wayne Farber as he explains the best ways for you to care for your trees with a combination of live demos, pictures and explanations. 

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