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Family Owned Since 1972 - Taking Care of People and their Trees

Hoppe Tree Service Company Photo

Hoppe Tree Service is a family owned Milwaukee area company that has been providing quality tree care for over 4 decades. The original company was started by Dean and Michael Hoppe along with their father Fred Hoppe in 1972 and they specialized in tree pruning and removal services. In 1986 Dean and his wife Lisa took over ownership and worked with their two sons August and Fred Hoppe. In the summer of 2014 August and Fred took over ownership of the company. Over the years, the small family business has grown to meet the ever increasing needs of our clients, and now performs a diverse range of services, including tree and shrub pruning, removal, planting, and plant health care programs to keep trees healthy. The third generation of company ownership is still committed to the mission of Hoppe Tree Service. "Taking care of people and their trees."

TCIA Accredited
TCIA Member

Certified Arborists

Many of our tree crew professionals come to us as certified arborists; others participate in our Arborist Apprenticeship Program, which provides help with the learning and experience needed to earn the certification. Certified arborists currently on our team include:

  • August Hoppe WI-477A

  • Fred Hoppe BCMAWI-0556B

  • JW Farber BCMAWI-0877B

  • Cory Tucek WI-1234A

  • Brad Hill WI-1235A

  • Pat Walsh WI-1108A

  • Max Breitzman WI-1110A

  • Michael Lawrenz WI-1164A

  • Daniel Knighton WI-1189A

  • Drew Ross WE-6304A

  • Lucas Bessey WI-1226A

  • Jaycee Hendrickson WI-1399A

  • Jereme Kniess WI-1485A

  • Jacob Casey ISA RM-8108A

  • Gabriel Cesarini MN-4812A

  • Vaughn Mehler WI-1500A

  • Cameron Miller WI-1518A

  • William Young WI-1606A

  • Tyler Cieslinski WI-1617A

  • Sean Kinnunen WI-1619A

  • Joshua Knox WI-1621A

  • Omari Brown WI-1629A

Expert Service

Our administration office and showroom is located in West Allis and we have a north field office in Grafton and a south field office in Caledonia. This allows us to limit travel time and perform tree work all across the Milwaukee metro area.Hoppe Tree Service strives to be the best and is a leader within the tree care industry. We are nationally accredited tree care company. (one of the first in WI). We have 10 exam certified arborists on staff, along with one of the nation's first Certified Tree Care Safety Professionals. (Fred Hoppe) Along with one of the nation's first credentialed hazard tree assessor. Our arborists under go continuing education to make sure that we stay up to date on the latest trends in safety and tree care. We are members of numerous industry groups, such as the Tree Care Industry Association, Wisconsin Arborist Association, and the Society of Commercial Arborists.


Hoppe Tree Service is dedicated to working safely in and around trees.  Our company has 3 Certified Treecare Safety Professional on staff along with a Safety and Training Manager.  Our crews have regular safety meetings and we wear personal protective equipment such as hard hats, eye and ear protection and chain saw resistant pants or chaps.  Our expert tree climbers are always tied in trees and utilize the latest technology to enter and work aloft in trees. 


Hoppe Tree Service is fully insured.  Our company holds workman's compensation insurance and general liability insurance to make sure you and your property are protected.  Upon request, we will be happy to have our insurance company mail a certificate of insurance directly to you. 


We bring in the right equipment to do jobs safely and efficiently.  Hoppe owns and maintains its own fleet of bucket trucks, backyard specialty lift, wood chippers, stump grinders, log loader machines, dump trucks and now a knuckle-boom crane truck. 

Satisfaction and Value

Hoppe Tree Service has won the Angie's List Super Service award for 16 years years in a row. (only 5% of Angie's List companies receive the award annually).  Hoppe Tree Service has an exceptional record at the Better Business Bureau.  Most importantly, we have a satisfaction guarantee. If something is wrong, we will fix it.

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