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We now offer organic plant health care treatments!
Learn about our all-natural mosquito & tick control program!


Emerald ash borer treatments

Fertilization programs

Damaging insect control

Disease prevention programs

Inspect and treat programs

Tree Treatments Work 



dying ash tree 2.jpg
healthy ash tree 1.jpg

Studies show that  treatment performed every two years is over 90% effective in preventing emerald ash borer from killing an ash tree.

Untreated vs. Treated


crab tree with no leaves apple scab diff
treated crab keeps leaves in fall.jpg

A tree with apple scab disease loses most of its leaves by summer. A treated tree continues to be healthy and beautiful throughout the season.  

Untreated vs. Treated

Insect and Disease Management

Soil Injection Treatments

For effective control of insect damage within the tree, treatments are injected directly into the root system using root feeder. Annually applied treatments provide long-lasting systemic protection against insects such as 

  • bronze birch borer

  • emerald ash borer

  • plum borer

  • linden borer

  • two-lined chestnut borer

  • elm leaf beetle

  • Japanese beetle

Trunk Injection Treatments

​Trunk injections are injected directly into the living tissue of the tree with industry-leading technology and products. They work quickly and provide multi-year protection and are often the best solution for larger diameter trees. Hoppe Tree Service uses trunk injections to control insects, diseases and nutrient deficiencies like:

  • emerald ash borer, bronze birch borer, and two-lined chestnut borer

  • Dutch elm disease, oak wilt, and more

  • tree chlorosis and more

Watch how our certified arborist

completes a macro injection to 

control Dutch elm disease!





Foliar Sprays

Foliar applications are sprayed onto the bark or leaf surface, often 2-3 times a season. They protect new leaves from diseases or can be used to reduce damaging insect populations present within the tree. They can be very effective against: 

  • apple scab diseas

  • rhizosphaera needlecast

  • dothistroma and diplodia needleblights

  • magnolia scale

  • leaf miners, aphids and more

  • rusts, fire blight, powdery mildew and more


Root Health Treatments

BioPak Root Fertilization

Our fertilizer blends are delivered via root feeder throughout the root zone. These fertilizer blends incorporate slow-release nutrients to improve growing conditions, soil fertility, and water holding capacity by incorporating essential nurtrients, 8 chelated micronutrients, organic soil amendments, beneficial bacteria, and humic acids to the soil profile. It improves plant health and recovery from stress, reverses mineral deficiencies that cause poor leaf color, and promotes root and plant growth for new and old trees.

Plant Growth Regulators

Growth regulators are used to extend the life of trees and shrubs by slowing the vegetative growth, allowing the tree to redirect energy from canopy growth into defense mechanisms for increased resistance to insects and diseases, along with increases in fine fibrous absorbing roots, reducing the effects of urban stresses. Hoppe Tree Service offers two plant growth regulator treatments. One is a basal drench for trees that lasts for 3 growing seasons. The other treatment is an annual foliar spray for shrubs, smaller trees, and bedding plants that can reduce growth by 30-70% while enhancing the color and vigor of the plant. 

Root Aeration

Our air spade blows compressed air into the root system of the tree to lighten and aerate the soil. This increases the porosity of the soil structure and makes the soil profile more favorable for the growth of fine nutrient- and water-absorbing roots.

Girdling Root Removal

Stem girdling roots slowly strangle trees to death. We excavate around the trunk of the tree and prune the offending roots to give the tree a chance of survival.

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