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Site and soil preparation

Planting by certified arborists

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Whether you'd like to plant a specimen tree as the focal point of your landscape or to plant many trees to restore your canopy, our certified arborists can help. We'll tour your yard with you, answer your questions and listen to your goals to develop a plan for planting the right trees in the right spot to ensure they have the best chance of reaching their full potential. 

Why call the certified arborists at Hoppe Tree Service? We have the knowledge, experience and resources to: 

  • understand the growing conditions and restrictions in your landscape

  • recommend the tree species best suited for your yard and goals, and that will increase diversity and resilience in your landscape

  • locate the optimal planting site(s)

  • select a strong specimen and transport it with care

  • properly plant trees 

  • share after-planting care information

We're also here for after-planting care, from fertilization and pest and disease control to proper pruning for a strong structure. We'll keep your tree healthy, growing strong and looking its best at every stage of growth, so you can enjoy your investment in thriving trees for many years to come. 

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