Rich Hobson before prune on honey locust


Rich Hobson after prune on honey locust

Pruning leads to healthier, shapely trees & shrubs...

Ornamental tree pruning 

Structural pruning 


Crown shaping and size reduction

Bush and shrub pruning

Tree climbing arborists

Backyard spider lifts for access in tight areas

Whether it's rope and saddle tree climbing, working out of a bucket, or expert pruning of ornamental trees, Hoppe Tree Service has the expertise and equipment necessary. 

The valuable benefits of expert tree and shrub pruning from Hoppe Tree Service are:

  • A healthier, stronger tree with an extended lifespan

  • Fewer unhealthy, unsightly and dangerous limbs

  • More sunlight that allows for lush and beautiful undergrowth

  • Increased resistance to tree pests and diseases

  • Increased strength to defend against storms and high winds


You should consider pruning from Hoppe Tree Service when:

  • Your trees have not been pruned in the last three years

  • You see dead, unsightly or loose hanging branches

  • Branches are close or are touching your home

  • You would like your tree shaped for a more aesthetic curb appeal

  • Your tree appears too close to power lines


Get tips on proper pruning of shrubs from certified arborist August Hoppe.