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Harvesting/Tree Removal - Expert tree removal services. When trees have to come down we have the equipment and experience to harvest the logs properly for urban wood use. We'll transport them to our Grafton facility for milling and processing. 

Transport - Our large array of tree service equipment makes it easy for us to transport logs from your site to our production facility and back again if necessary. Skid-steers, crane trucks, dump trucks and trailers. We can move logs from tight locations in large pieces to maintain their value.

Contract Milling - Whether we take the tree down for you or you need us to mill your own logs, our Wood-Mizer efficiently mills with precision cutting to 1/32"! We mill logs up to 33" in diameter. Prices based on board feet and handling needed. 



Kiln Drying - We utilize custom-built dehumidification kilns heated to properly kiln-dry wood, typically down to a 5% to 7% moisture content. 


Processing Services - We have the tools to process wide-width slabs. Our 24" wide planer, along with our 51" wide sander can turn a rough-cut slab into something easy to finish with hand tools. We can flatten and smooth with our router station to showcase the beautiful grain that is hidden underneath.

Straightline Ripping - If you need a straight edge on a slab, no problem.  We can do that too. Pick out a slab, let us know your dimensions and we can make custom cuts.  


Laser Engraving - Found a nice piece of wood? We can laser engrave it! We engrave pieces up to 36" x 36". Contact us for a price quote. All we need is your image sent to us as a standard .jpg, pdf or word document. 


Custom Woodworking - Are you looking for a one of a kind piece made from urban wood? The Urban Wood Lab Store has a network of artisans experienced in working with urban wood. Let us connect you with our partners.  



If you have questions, please call 262-902-8950 or email us at

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