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We offer a full program of organic treatments for:

  • Fruit trees

  • Ornamental trees

  • Shrub health

  • Leaf-eating insects

  • Mosquito & tick control    

Better for the Environment, Better for You 

We now offer organic treatments for tree and shrub health to help control and prevent insect and disease damage. Our organic program uses products reviewed and listed by the Organic Materials Review Institute (OMRI), an independent reviewer of products against organic standards.


Our organic program is a series of treatments for specific insect and disease issues. The cost is the same as our conventional plant health care programs. 


To find out more, contact your Hoppe sales arborist or give us a call at 414.257.2111. Or Request a Quote for organic plant health care online.


  • Fruit trees - A series of natural foliar treatments to protect fruit trees such as apple, cherry and pear trees from diseases.

  • Ornamental trees - A series of natural foliar treatments for ornamental trees such as crabapples and tree lilacs that help prevent and treat diseases such as apple scab and rust.

  • Shrub health - A series of natural foliar treatments that reduce the impact of diseases such as leaf spots, powdery mildew, and rust on deciduous and evergreen shrubs, including viburnum, serviceberry, and arborvitae.

  • Leaf-eating insects - A series of natural foliar treatments that protect trees and shrubs from leaf-eating insects such as beetles and aphids.


Enjoy your yard without the bites and bugs!  Getting a quote is easy: Existing clients, we often can give you a quote via email.  New clients, we'll schedule a quick visit to review your property for pricing.  


Pricing is variable for each property, but generally falls in these categories.  Properties with very thick, higher-than-average shrub foliage may cost more.  

  • 10,000 sq ft or less  (approx. 1/4 acre)  $100 per application

  • 20,000 sq ft  (approx. 1/2 acre)  $150 per application

  • 30,000 sq ft  (approx. 3/4 of an acre) $200 per application

  • 40,000 sq ft  (approx. 1 acre)  $250 per application

  • Save 10%/application with 3-treatment program, or 15%/application with 4-treatment program

  • All natural products including cedar and peppermint oil, along with other common ingredients found in food sources.

  • Treatments last 3-4 weeks to keep your yard free of mosquitos and ticks.

  • Single and multiple treatments available, 3X and 4X programs offer a discount

  • We treat lawns, shrubs, perimeter wood lines, and damp and shady areas where mosquitos and ticks tend to breed.

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