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Would You Like Something Made From Your Tree?

The Urban Wood Lab offers options for all levels! Download printable version.

Experienced Woodworkers

We’ll mill your tree to your specifications and kiln dry it. You can take your order rough sawn or use our shop services for flattening, planing, drum sanding, straight line rips and more. Our shop features:

  • 51” Grizzly Drum Sander

  • Straight Line Rip Saw

  • Festool Track Saw

  • 24” Grizzly Planer

  • Router Table/Sled for Flattening

  • Laser Engraving/CNC Router (CNC router & laser engraving services provided by Wauwatosa East High School)


We take the “Lab” in our name seriously. You’re figuring things out, our staff is here to help. Your tool collection may not be 100% complete. We can help fill in some gaps. In addition to the services above, we can do as little as make a few extra cuts all the way up to creating tabletop glue-up kits. If we can’t fulfill your requests, we can usually help you find solutions through our partners.

Not a Woodworker

We have a wide network of professional artisans who work with our urban wood. We can pair you with one for projects big and small:

  • Tables/Desks/Benches

  • Mantels/Bars/Countertops

  • Epoxy Work/River Tables

  • Floating Shelves/Home Finishing

  • Custom Artwork

  • Charcuterie/Cutting Boards

  • Plaques/Gifts/Keepsakes

  • Wood Turning/Bats/Bowls


  • MILL PLAN: You will receive a call from the Urban Wood Lab to discuss a mill plan for your log(s). Timeframe – 2-3 weeks before your tree is removed.


  • MILLING/STICKERING/STACKING: Your wood will be milled to specification, stickered, stacked, and bundled. Timeframe – 1 month.

  • AIR DRYING: Your wood will air dry until the moisture level drops to an acceptable range for the kiln. Timeframe – 3-10 months (varies due to species of wood, cut, and kiln capacity).

  • KILN DRYING: Your wood will dry in our kiln until its moisture level drops to between 7-10%. You will be called during drying to discuss next steps. Timeframe – 1-2 months (time varies due to species of wood, cut).

  • PROCESSING: The Urban Wood Lab staff can flatten, plane, sand and perform a variety of shop services to prep your wood for its final purpose. Timeframe – 2-4 weeks

The average cycle is approximately 12 months. Keep in mind that this is an estimate and it can run longer.

Don’t Want to Wait for Your Wood?

If your tree holds sentimental value, it’s worth waiting to get your own wood. If you are more interested in getting materials quickly, don’t need an entire log’s worth of wood, or simply want something made out of urban hardwood, we’ll help you find what you need at the Urban Wood Lab Store!


Milling Services

Rates listed are for each log up to 10’ long. Larger trees may yield multiple logs.

  • Under 19” Diameter: $200/log

  • 19-25” Diameter: $250/log

  • 26-34” Diameter: $350/log

  • Over 34” Diameter: Call for Quote

Kiln Drying

Rates listed are per log, for wood cut 2” thick or less. Thicker cuts take longer to dry and require a custom quote.

  • Under 19” Diameter: $200/log

  • 19-25” Diameter: $250/log

  • 26-34” Diameter: $350/log

  • Over 34” Diameter: Call for Quote

Shop Services/Pickup

  • All shop services are $150/hour.

  • Orders requiring shop services are to be picked up at the Urban Wood Lab in Caledonia.

  • Rough/green orders can be picked up from Caledonia or our Grafton facility.

  • Delivery is available for $100/hour including loading and transit.

  • Please plan to pick up your order within 30 days or you will be subject to a monthly storage fee.

Have questions? Give us a call at 262.902.8950. Our expert staff will be happy to talk over your project with you.

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