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Leave it to the Pros

Have you ever gazed up at a towering tree and wondered how on earth our team gets the job done? Well, let us give you the inside scoop! At Hoppe Tree Service, we're armed with a fancy array of equipment and tools, helping us conquer great heights and tight spaces with ease.

(OmmeLift: 92 ft lift)


Check out our lift machines! They can tackle any tree, no matter how tall or small. The OmmeLift can soar up to a whopping 90ft, while the Platform Basket can stretch up to 72ft. These mean machines can scale the largest trees with ease. But wait, there's more! They're not only tough but also agile. With their nifty track system, they can squeeze into the tightest of spots and navigate smaller yards like a boss.

(Platform Basket: 72ft)

Grapple Saw Truck

Our Tree-Mek is a real-life superhero! It's got a towering 90ft reach and can lift an incredible 7700 lbs. It's a whiz at removing pesky trees and is a lifesaver for massive ones that are stuck in hard-to-reach areas. It can even grab and slice branches up to 25 inches in diameter! The cherry on top? It's designed for maximum maneuverability with head attachments and a turret that spins a full 360 degrees. With the Tree-Mek our crews can work smarter and safer, making these jobs a breeze!


Behold these magnificent beasts, capable of hoisting and transporting colossal loads with ease! Their secret weapon? A fancy articulation joint that lets the back tires follow the front wheel's every move, making for some seriously slick maneuverability!

(Avant loader)

Battery Powered vs. Gas Chainsaws

At Hoppe, we don't discriminate between battery power and good old-fashioned gas when it comes to chainsaws. Sure, battery chainsaws pack a punch with less noise, fewer body-jarring vibrations, no pesky exhaust fumes, and top-notch torque at any speed. But, let's be real, they're not perfect. Lucky for us, we've teamed up with Milwaukee Tool to find solutions to eliminate those shortcomings.

Power Pole Saws

Think of these as your trusty chainsaws but on a pole! They pack the same punch and power as the mighty gas-powered pole saws but with battery magic. We can't get enough of these genius tools!

Wood Resistance Drill

We've got some tree-whispering magic up our sleeves! Our wood resistance drill works like a teeny-tiny tree drill (only 1.2mm!) that peeks inside the tree causing minimal harm. It's amazing how we can take a peek inside a tree in seconds without ever having to chop it down! Just like how Superman has x-ray vision, we can now see what's happening inside trees! A tree might look healthy, but that doesn't mean it's structurally sound. Risky trees can look deceivingly healthy, and that's where this tool comes in handy. We get a solid picture of the tree's insides, which helps us figure out the best way to access it (climb, lift, or crane) and decide if it needs some tree TLC or if it's time to say goodbye.

Climbing Gear

Sometimes our team decides that the best way to access the tree isn't by using our big equipment but instead by climbing. And let me tell you, our crews are absolute pros when it comes to scaling trees. They'll gear up with the latest cutting-edge gear and climbing equipment to make sure they're safe and secure, ready to tackle any job up in those branches.

Partnership with Milwaukee Tool

Hoppe Tree Service has been working with Milwaukee Tool for the past couple of years. Our super important job? Testing, tweaking, and inventing the BEST tools for the job! From top-handle battery chainsaws to power hand pruners (and some secret stuff in the works), we've been getting our hands dirty to make sure they're tip-top for field workers like us.

But here's the thing: Milwaukee Tool is no ordinary inventor. They're the cool kids that ASK what we need and what we want in a tool. Crazy, right? Even better, they make sure their inventions work for us in the field - no fluff and no fuss. The result? The best darn tools in the game.

Want to see our tools in action? Give Hoppe Tree Service a call at 414-257-2111 or fill out our online web form to meet with one of our Certified Arborists. Let's chat about your trees and how we can keep them happy and healthy!

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