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Why Should You Use The Urban Wood Lab's Processing Services?

Updated: Aug 23, 2022

Fast. Efficient. Professionally-done. Don’t have the right tools at home. Working with big slabs. These are just some of the reasons woodworkers of all skill levels rely on the Urban Wood Lab for processing services to help jump-start or finish up their projects. The Urban Wood Lab can flatten, plane, sand and perform a variety of shop services to prep your slabs and dimensional lumber for your final purpose. Here's a rundown of the most popular services we offer:

FLATTENING: Kiln dried and rough sawn urban wood is high-character, but it often isn’t entirely level. With our router table/sled we can flatten your wood so it’s squared away for your project.

PLANING: Our dimensional lumber and live-edge slabs are available in a variety of thicknesses. If you need to reduce the thickness just a bit or smooth rough wood, our 24” Grizzly Planer can do the job.

SANDING: Every project needs sanding! With our 51” Grizzly Drum Sander, we take the work out of sanding large surface areas, including extra-wide slabs. We can also run tabletops and other glue-up projects through the drum sander to level them up.

STRAIGHT-LINE RIPPING: When you need straight-line cuts done quickly and professionally on lumber and slabs of any size, count on the Urban Wood Lab. We have a straight-line rip saw and a Festool Track Saw for deep rips.

LASER ENGRAVING/CNC ROUTER: Add a special touch to your project with laser engraving. Our CNC router and laser engraving services are provided by Wauwatosa East High School.

MOISTURE CONTENT CHECK: An essential step for any woodworking project is ensuring your wood has the appropriate moisture content. All of the slabs and lumber we sell are kiln dried and ready for your project, but if you are not sure of the moisture content of your own wood, bring it to the Urban Wood Lab for a quick check. Learn more about moisture content in our FAQ.

Where Do I Start?

If you have questions about our processing services, give us a call at 262.902.8950 or stop in the store. We’d love to talk about your ideas with you and can recommend services that will get you to the project steps you love most faster.

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