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What can a growth regulator do for my plant?

Fast growing trees often need frequent pruning to maintain tree size and prevent interference with structures and sidewalks. For trees that grow quickly, branch strength and structure can be compromised. In these cases, extra care is needed to maintain the tree. An alternative solution for these trees is growth regulators.

Tree growth regulators have been in use for many years, initially to slow the growth of woody plants. It was later learned that there were many other benefits to the tree rather than just slowing growth. Older large mature trees can also find great benefit from growth regulators just as well as fast growing smaller trees.

Great for fast growing trees

Applied to the soil immediately adjacent to the stem, the growth regulator is absorbed and moved systemically throughout the crown. While the products don’t stop growth, they do slow growth significantly for a period of approximately 2-3 years depending upon the tree species. In addition, treated plants demand less water because of the growth regulation. Growth regulators can be applied throughout the year, and are an excellent way to manage fast growing trees.

Stronger roots and healthier leaves

Tree growth regulators stimulate the production and development of fine roots which will allow the tree to absorb more water and minerals. The application also results in increased chlorophyll production leading to deep green leaves that are able to capture more energy from the sun. As a result of these enhancements, your tree will be better equipped to recover from stress and damage.

Stress, drought, disease and Insect protection

Tree growth regulators can also increase your tree’s resistance to many types of tree diseases and some insect infestations. Drought resistance is improved by increasing the density of fine roots which absorb water and by reducing the amount of water required to support the tree.

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