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We’re Scheduling This Season’s Tree & Shrub Planting!

Written by Fred Hoppe, Board Certified Master Arborist WI-0556B, Certified Tree Care Safety Professional 00036, and ISA Qualified Tree Risk Assessor

In the last two years, Hoppe has seen tremendous growth in tree and shrub planting. Our customers believe the world needs more trees, and we couldn’t agree more. Whether your cherished tree has failed and needs to be replaced or you’re looking to plant more trees for future generations to enjoy, Hoppe Tree Service is there for you every step of the way. We’re setting up this season’s planting schedule right now, so it’s a good time to get in touch with us.

What’s the first step?

Contact Hoppe to schedule a quote by one of our certified arborists. Reach us at 414.257.2111 or share your needs and ideas on our short Planting Inquiry form.

What to expect next

Your Hoppe certified arborist will walk your yard and meet with you to discuss tree and shrub options. At that time we can recommend types of trees that would match your goals and your planting site. For example, if you’d like to start a privacy barrier for your yard in a spot that is well-drained and gets partial to full sun, we might recommend planting arborvitae.

Your certified arborist will also be able to tell you about the tree’s features, such as flowering and its value in attracting wildlife. Tree lilacs like the Japanese Tree Lilac will have clusters of fragrant white flowers in the spring, which is something to look forward to in Wisconsin!

See some of the species we often recommend due to their hardiness in southeastern Wisconsin and resistance to pests and disease.

Planting day

After you’ve decided on your tree or shrub species, size and planting site, Hoppe will schedule a day for one of our planting crews to come to your location. Our team will select a quality plants from the nursery and bring them to your home that day. You don’t have to be at home at that time, but many of our customers like to watch the planting process. If your new tree will be planted in honor of a loved one or furry family member, planting day is a great time to commemorate that. Before they finish up, our planting crew will share information about caring for your new landscape addition. And don’t worry, if anything happens to your tree or shrub within the next year Hoppe offers a one-year warranty on all plantings. Our crews typically starting planting in May and go through late September depending on spring and fall conditions.

Encouraging health and growth

Your plants will be in your landscape for a long time, especially larger shade trees. That’s why your Hoppe certified arborist is available for years to come. We’re there for annual tree and shrub inspections, helping with pruning to encourage proper structure that will lessen the chance of failure, and prevention and treatments for the pests and diseases that affect your plants. From young plantings to fully grown shade tree and shrubs, we are there for you each step and ready to answer your questions at any time.

Ready to get started? Give us a call at 414.257.2111 or complete our Planting Inquiry form.

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