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Tree & Shrub Planting Services by Hoppe

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

Written by: Certified Arborist August Hoppe, WI-0477A

We feel that the world needs more trees.

Insects, diseases and storms take a large toll on trees every year. It's disheartening, especially when the tree holds special meaning for a family or was a cherished part of their landscape. When planting a new tree or shrub, it’s important to put the right plant in the right location. That’s where Hoppe Tree Service can help. We are experts in trees and can help guide you to the best trees for your location and site.

Why work with Hoppe Tree Service for planting for your yard?

  • Expert advice for trees and shrubs that are proven, hardy and not prone to insect and disease issues.

  • Large selection of species and sizes from premium local wholesalers.

  • Proper planting by arborists that know and understand how trees grow.

  • Delivery and installation with a one-year warranty on all plantings.

  • Proper after-planting care instructions, information and follow up throughout your tree’s lifetime.

Pricing ranges depending upon size of plants, species, and site characteristics unique to your yard. On average, a mature-size tree 10'-14' tall might cost around $600 to deliver and plant. Evergreens often cost more than deciduous trees, and shrubs are usually less expensive than trees. We do offer volume discounts, so the more trees you order the lower the plant cost!

Selecting your tree

Check out our list of recommended trees proven to be hardy and good growers in our area. Or use the Morton Arboretum selector tool to help you find a great tree.

You can use our Planting Inquiry form to start a conversation with us on your ideas and needs for new trees and shrubs for your landscape. Or, contact us at 414.257.2111. Our certified arborists and expert landscape team will make sure your new plants are a beautiful complement to your yard.

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