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After Planting Care Instructions

Updated: Apr 19, 2022


  • Deep infrequent soakings. New trees will need to be watered regularly until they become established. Generally it takes 1 year per caliper inch for a new tree to establish (i.e. 2 inch tree planted will take 2 years to establish).

  • Watering should occur in the morning or the evening hours when possible to avoid midday evaporation.  

  • Soaker hose or a slow stream of water should be applied near the stem of the tree. The amount may vary depending on your soil.

  • Drench the soil until you begin to see pooling and runoff, at that time your soil is saturated and can’t absorb anymore water.

  • There is no need to water if it has rained significantly that day.

  • Remember roots also need period of dry to respire, the soil should not always be saturated or the tree will drown. 


  • Natural wood/bark mulch is highly recommended for new tree plantings

  • Reduces competition from grass, keeps mowers and whackers away, and mitigates soil moisture.

  • Make the mulch ring as big as possible, 2-4 feet is common

  • Apply mulch 1-3 inches thick.

  • Keep mulch away from stem of tree to avoid structural and disease issues.


  • Trees grow in response to some wind stress, and need movement to be strong.

  • Only if absolutely needed a tree should be loosely staked to prevent tipping.

  • Staking and guying ties should be removed as soon as possible, generally after the first year.


  • New trees need minimal fertilizer initially and it is recommended to wait until the following season for fertilization.

  • If desired for poor sites a light slow release fertilizer can be used.

  • After establishment trees can benefit from the professionally applied fertilizers like our Bio Pack soil injection fertilization, to increase health and vigor.

Animal Protection

  • New trees are more vulnerable to animal damage such as rabbits, voles, and deer.

  • Consider a trunk wrap protector to protect against deer.  Especially in the fall and winter.

  • Small bushes may be susceptible to rabbit and vole damage.  Low fencing around new bushes may help.


  • During establishment limit pruning to dead and broken branches

  • Soon after establishment professional structural pruning should be done to ensure a good future structure.  On a typical young tree a training pruning is recommended after 2-3 years.

  • A pruning cycle of every 2-5 years should be established to ensure the proper care for your tree.

  • We can monitor your tree on a schedule to keep it safe, healthy, and looking good.

Hoppe Tree Service does provide a one year warranty on all plantings (exceptions include animal damage or lack of watering)

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