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Making Lumber or Wood Products from Your Own Tree After Removal by Hoppe Tree Service

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

Hoppe Tree Service is an expert when it comes to pruning and removal of trees. But our service does not stop there. Our Urban Wood Lab Store performs custom milling and kiln drying of wood in all sorts of shapes and sizes after our crews have removed a tree. Projects can range from one simple cut, all the way to surfaced and sanded lumber.

The sky is the limit when it comes to milling logs and you may be surprised just how easy it is to use wood from your own tree. From small diameter logs to huge trunks, the Hoppe Urban Wood Lab can help you create a project that can live on well past the life of your tree.

We can mill lumber, live edge slabs, discs, mantles, beams, and more from trees we have removed for you. Our pricing is based on log size and starts as low as $200!

Rough-Sawn Custom Milling Services & Pricing

To mill logs up to 10' long:

  • Under 19” diameter: $200/log

  • 19-25” diameter: $250/log

  • 26-34” diameter: $350/log

For logs over 34" in diameter or longer than 10' please contact the Urban Wood Lab for pricing.

Urban Wood Lab Kiln Drying Services & Pricing

The Hoppe Urban Wood Lab Store also offers kiln drying services for pieces that will be used indoors. Drying wood is an important step for reducing the moisture content of wood before its use and helps create a stable product for woodworking that won’t continue to expand and contract. To kiln-dry rough-sawn slabs and lumber up to 10' long and 2" thick or less:

  • Under 19” diameter: $200/log

  • 19-25” diameter: $250/log

  • 26-34” diameter: $350/log

To kiln-dry slabs/lumber over 34" in diameter, greater than 10' in length or thicker than 2", please contact the Urban Wood Lab for pricing.

Our Process

After our tree crew has removed your tree(s), we will transport the wood to our Grafton farm. Our Urban Wood Lab professionals coordinate with you on what type of cuts to make on your log. After milling we air-dry the wood for 3 to 10 months and then put it into our wood kiln if you desire.

Once the wood comes out of the kiln, we offer additional slab and lumber processing services if you need them. Urban Wood Lab skip-surfacing and sanding, straight-lining and planing processing services are $150/hour. You are welcome to pick up your slabs/lumber in Grafton, or we can deliver to your home or business. The delivery charge is $100/hour.

Our Network of Craftspeople

The Hoppe Urban Wood Lab Store also works with a network of craftspeople who can make all kinds of finished projects out of your very own wood.

If you have questions or would like more information about how Hoppe can help you make some wood out of your trees, feel free to contact your sales arborist, or reach out to our Urban Wood Lab experts by calling 262-902-8950 or emailing

There are lots of creative ways to use wood from your own trees!

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