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3 Months After the Grafton Fire, We've Rebuilt Stronger Than Ever

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

Though we experienced a devastating fire at our Grafton location in January, we've been able to rebuild stronger than ever. We've restructured our operations to improve our customer service and efficiency, and we're excited about our new equipment. We are so grateful to our families, friends, our business partners and the community for standing by us.

During our rebuilding phase, we replaced all of the equipment lost, including 3 lift bucket trucks, 3 lawn-friendly portable lifts, and 3 lawn-friendly Avant multi-functional loaders. Our thanks to our out-of-state friends for the immediate loan of their bucket truck. Our contractor Pinno Buildings fast-tracked our new 8-bay garage, which is now in use. We're grateful to our friends at Grafton Citgo for keeping us out of the cold. They gave us indoor space for our weekly team meetings over the winter. Our team continues to show true grit - we had no interruption of service to our customers!

Finally, our heartfelt thanks go to our customers for their support as we've rebuilt. We're fortunate to be taking care of trees for some of the greatest customers in the world!

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