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Urban Wood Lab Partners with the Urban Wood Network to Advance the Tree-to-Table Movement

Updated: Sep 2, 2022

We’re dedicated to being your favorite local resource for quality urban wood! To bring you the widest selection possible, our store stocks some live-edge slabs from partners we’ve met through the Urban Wood Network. UWN is a national network of like-minded arborists, sawyers, millers, woodshops, municipalities and advocates committed to the highest and best use for every tree. UWN's mission is to inform, collaborate, and connect to build business and consumer confidence in the urban wood industry

As UWN Executive Director Kari Divine explains, “UWN connects the many organizations and people from coast to coast who are involved in the urban wood movement so we can share ideas, technical knowledge and resources. We’re helping businesses and economies grow. We’re informing consumers about the enormous benefits of locally-sourced urban wood as well as helping people see that disposing of trees in landfills equates to throwing plastic water bottles in our oceans.”

The Urban Wood Lab appreciated the help from UWN as we got our Caledonia store off the ground, and we’re proud to be a retail outlet for other tree services and mills in southeastern Wisconsin.

What can you do to support the urban wood movement?

  • Continue to purchase and use urban wood products

  • Visit to donate or become a member

  • Like the @UrbanWN Facebook page

  • Watch our Facebook page for news of UWN events.

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