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Tree Planting, Shrub Pruning & More!

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

Written by: Certified Arborist August Hoppe, WI-0477A

Hoppe Tree Service has been caring for trees and shrubs since 1972. Pruning and removal of trees has always been a significant part of what we do. However, there are more aspects to tree care than just than climbing and using aerial lifts to prune and remove trees. There is a lot of work that we do on the ground as well, and we are just as good at it. This includes planting, shrub pruning, and tree and shrub health programs.


With so many trees being removed due to the emerald ash borer crisis, many of our yards are looking desolate and treeless. We do plant trees and we are happy to help you restore your lost tree canopy or create a new one! We think that trees are best planted by certified arborists who know and understand them. Our planting services start with a trip out to your property to view the site and to help select the best species for your location. Our trained staff knows which species are disease resistant, and which ones will be ideally suited for various sites (protected versus unprotected areas, dry or wet areas, heavy clay versus sandy soil, etc.)

We work with local nursery wholesalers to obtain the best nursery stock available. Our planting crew understands how to plant correctly. It’s more than just digging a hole. We take the metal rootball cages off trees and remove any strings or ties holding burlap around the base of the tree. Our plantings come with a one-year warranty. As your tree grows and develops we will be there to help you care for it with nutrition and proper pruning to create good strong structure to the branches, so your tree has the best chance to grow and reach its potential.

Bush and Shrub Pruning:

We know that bushes and shrubs can grow fast and get out of hand quickly. Our teams

are trained in proper pruning methods for shrubs. Whether it’s an unruly 12-foot-tall privet hedge, or a small formal shaping of boxwood bushes, Hoppe Tree Service can maintain your smaller and medium-sized plants just as effectively as pruning your larger trees. Our certified arborists understand how bushes and shrubs grow. We provide rejuvenation thinning of multi-stem shrubs, shaping and size reduction of overgrown plants, and we can set up a program to come to your yard once or twice a year depending upon your needs.

Plant Health Programs:

Our trained staff is well versed on insects, diseases and other stresses that can afflict trees and shrubs. It starts with an inspection by one of our experienced certified arborists. Whether it’s a targeted application for a leaf drop fungus, injection to prevent emerald ash borer, or a fertilization program to help increase plant vigor, our team of arborists can help. We specialize in accurate diagnosis, tree preservation and in maintaining and improving your landscape through targeted applications, judicious use of products and proper timing.

So next time you are thinking about a new tree or who can prune your bushes, think about Hoppe Tree Service. We are only a phone call or request a quote away.

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