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Promoting Natural Plant Health with Organic Treatments for Insects & Diseases

Written by: Certified Arborist August Hoppe, WI-0477A

Hoppe Tree Service has a wide range of products and treatments that we use to promote the health of your trees and shrubs. As our knowledge and experience in the industry has grown, so has our commitment to sustainable practices and healthy lifestyles. A critical and growing component of our plant health care program is organic treatment products. These products provide effective control against many fungal diseases and insect pests. The products we use are reviewed and listed by the Organic Material Ratings Institute.

OMRI is a known and well-respected 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that provides independent review of products against the organic standards. Acceptable products such as those we use are OMRI Listed® .

Why Our Organic Program May Be Right For You:

  • Protects the environment: Avoids synthetic ingredients that may not degrade in the natural environment

  • Reduces human risk: These products cause less potential chemical exposure to you and your family

  • Targets control: Effective control of diseases and insects that can damage your landscape while reducing the impact on beneficial insects

Soon, we will also introduce our Natural Mosquito & Tick Control program.

If you’d like to know more about our Organic Program and/or Natural Mosquito & Tick Control, contact us at 414.257.2111 or


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