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Our Seasonal Treatment Calendar for Plant Health Care

Updated: Nov 20, 2020

“One swallow does not make a summer, but one skein of geese, cleaving the murk of a March thaw, is the Spring.” - Aldo Leopold

Conservation pioneer and UW-Madison professor Aldo Leopold was famous for marking the passage of each season through the annual activities of the animal and plant life all around him. As plant health care (PHC) experts, we are also in tune with the rhythms of nature. It’s essential for Hoppe Tree Service PHC programs that keep our customers’ trees and shrubs healthy and happy.

Our programs encompass all aspects of PHC in every season, and include fertilization, disease prevention and treatment, and control of insect pests common in our region. We concentrate on:

  • Accurate diagnosis – looking beyond the symptoms of poor tree and shrub health to recognize the cause is extremely important for effective PHC programs.

  • Proven solutions – in PHC, experience matters. We’ve been seeing and studying the diseases, insects, and other causes of poor plant health in southeastern Wisconsin since 1972. We understand the solutions that work, and know the ones to avoid.

  • Timing that is oh so critical – Foliar sprays, root injections, fertilization, and other types of PHC applications have to be performed at the right time for the best results, and that timing varies year by year. Our PHC team keeps a close eye on temperature, moisture levels and even time of day to ensure every application is performed correctly.

Our PHC customers are always eager to know when we’re coming to visit their yard. In addition to our regular communication with them, we provide this seasonal treatment calendar (below) so they understand more about what’s ahead. Download the calendar pdf.

If you have a question about tree or shrub health, or think you may have a plant that’s in decline, contact us today at 414-257-2111 or

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