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Keeping Trees & Shrubs Healthy Through the Dormant Season

By Bradley Hill, Hoppe Plant Health Care Manager and Certified Arborist WI-1235A

Evergreens and arborvitaes in particular are susceptible to desiccation from dry winter winds. Anti-desiccation sprays can be applied in fall that work by coating the plant to help them retain moisture through the winter. Regular watering in the fall months before the ground freezes will also help trees survive the winter with less damage. Fall fertilization can enhance overall tree health and provides micro and macro nutrients that are not as abundant in poor urban soils. Fall is also a great time to apply soil insecticides to protect trees from pests in the following growing season.

During the dormant season and while there is snow on the ground, there is less food available for animals. They can turn to your plants as a food source. Animal repellants can be applied in fall to deter animals from feeding on your plants. All of these fall services can benefit your trees and shrubs all year long. If you’d like to get on our schedule for fall plant health care services, please give us a call at 414.257.2111 or request a quote!

Since 1972, Hoppe Tree Service has been taking care of people and their trees. Join us as we celebrate 50 years of service to great customers in southeastern Wisconsin.

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