Frequently Asked Questions

Will you take my tree down for free?  Would you be interested in my tree?


We do not remove trees for the value of the wood.  Tree removal is intensive and takes considerable time and effort, transporting of logs to our facility, milling, kiln drying, and processing all take time.  In order for this venture to be successful for us it has to be based on the model of a free log.  Traditional forestry is different: Trees are all of similar size, and the volume allows for a scale of economics not found in urban tree work. 

Will you pick up my logs for free?


We have a large supply of logs already.  However, we would be interested in picking up logs of certain rarer tree species.  Species of Interest: walnut, hickory, cherry, sugar maple. Not sure what you have? Send us a picture at    


How much does it cost to have my wood processed by the Urban Wood Lab store?

  • Transport- Usually we will bring our large dump truck and log loader and come and pick up the logs and bring them back to Grafton.  Cost for this can range dramatically by how far we have travel, the amount of logs, and where on your property they are located (easy pick up off driveway, or in backyard).  Cost is $100 an hour. (Average transport costs typically range from $200-400.)

  • Milling-  The cost for milling is $2 per board foot.  Examples: A 20" diam 10ft log contains a maximum of 160bdft  cost to mill the entire log would be $320. A 30" diam log 10ft long contains 442 bdft.  Cost to mill the entire log would be $884. There is a minimum fee of $100. Hitting metal can damage our blades.  Completely destroyed blades are $40 per ruined blade.

  • Kiln Drying- cost is $2 per board foot, handling fee of $80 an hour may apply to orders with substantial loading and unloading efforts.

  • Volume discounts- Special pricing is available for milling of over 600 board feet. Contact us for info.   

  • Cutting boards- We will cut the short ends of boards purchased from the UWL Store for free.    

  • Surfacing costs- Coming out of the kiln, lumber and slabs are rough cut.  We do offer planing and surfacing services. Costs for this are $80 an hour and are considered shop time.

  • Planing, straight-lining- We can prepare your boards for you.  Costs of these services are $80 an hour.


How long is the process to make lumber out of logs?

Time frames may vary depending upon our existing workload.  From date of tree removal it may take 1-2 months to mill the logs.  Some species do best by going through a period of natural air drying for 4-6 months after milling and before entering the kiln.  Kiln cycles range from 4-8 weeks.


What if I don’t see what I need at the Hoppe Urban Wood Lab Showroom?

Our Grafton crew is constantly working on new inventory. Please fill out a product request form Product Request and we will let you know if we can find the piece you are looking for.  

Does the Hoppe Urban Wood Lab carry finishing products?

Yes, the Urban Wood Lab Store is a distributor of Waterlox Coatings.  Waterlox Original Tung Oil products are resin-modified tung oil based wood finishes. The tung oil provides excellent penetrating and drying qualities while the resin allows the coatings to form a film that is both water-resistant and elastic – standing up to common household spills.  We carry both the Waterlox Original Sealer and Finish, Gloss, Satin and Marine finishes.

The Waterlox webpage contains valuable information about selecting the right product and applications.


Can the Hoppe Urban Wood Lab Store help me with building a project?

Our main business is creating one of a kind pieces of wood for others to use their creative talents to shape into beautiful pieces of furniture.  We do have a network of craftspeople we work with that are willing to help. Please contact us and we can assist in connecting you with one of our partners.