Benefits of winter tree work

Why would I want my trees pruned in the winter months? 
The most common question we hear is the following:  Without leaves, how can you know what branches are dead?  Well, the answer is we are able to tell what's dead- Our arborists have experience.  We know what to look for.  Live branches are flexible, and have buds at the end.  Dead branches are brittle, have no buds and the bark starts to peel off dead branches.  Our arborists get up close and personal with the branches high up in the tree and can look closely to spot dead branches. 

No leaves on the trees, no problem-  That is our motto during the dormant season.  This is a great time for tree work.  Our arborists can look right up into a tree and see the structure and the architecture of the tree, allowing us to see which branches need to be pruned. 

Frozen ground and dormant gardens- Our arborists enjoy winter season tree work. With dormant gardens and frozen ground,  it can be easier to bring in equipment and make less of an impact on the surrounding landscape.

Healthy for the trees- Insects and diseases are not present and trees respond well to dormant pruning.  Some trees like oaks and elms should only be pruned while dormant.  Dormant pruning also can encourage better growth for the tree during the following spring and summer.

Snow, ice and cold conditions, no worries- Our arborists work outdoors all year and are ready for it.  We have the proper equipment and can use our standard size bucket truck, or our smaller portable minilift to reach branches.  We can even move snow out of our way if we need to.

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