Mulch Delivery

These are some of the other benefits of mulching your tree:

  • Mulch helps retain moisture in the soil and keep the temperature of the roots moderated
  • It helps improve the soil structure, aeration, and drainage
  • 2-4" of mulch helps reduce weed growth and germination.
  • Organic mulch decomposes into the soil, enriching it with nutrients essential for the health of the tree
  • Mulch rings provide a barrier zone from lawnmowers and other mechanical tools that could injure trees
  • Mulch can also help your yard look great. It gives a nice, clean, and cared-for look.


The Hoppe woodchip pile. There's no shortage of mulch at Hoppe!  We deliver and spread mulch in all quantities.

Please call us at 414-257-2111 to get a quote on mulch for your yard.


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