Trees for Spring Planting

We have educated Certified Arborists on staff that can do a site analysis and give recommendations for the tree best suited for your yard to ensure a healthy, long lasting, and low maintenance tree.  We provide delivery and planting services for you as well.

The State Street maple is an excellent choice for a larger shade tree in Wisconsin.  It is a densely branched maple tree that is often used as an urban street tree due to its superior adaptation abilities in our area.  It has very elegant form, and its leaves remain on the tree long into fall, then turn to an attractive, pale yellow.  This is an award winning tree and a great option for anyone wanting to establish a large, attractive, and unique shade tree in their yard.

state street maple state street maple


 The Accolade elm is a great choice if you are looking for a large, vigorous shade tree.  This variety of elm is resistant to Dutch Elm Disease, the disease that wiped the majority of elms out of our area and continues to today.  Many miss the large, vase shaped elms that once thrived in our state, and this tree is a great way to bring elms back into the landscape.  This tree grows fast and large and is resistant to droughts and diseases, great for a large open area.


The white fir is a great alternative to the popular Colorado blue spruce, which is prone to disease and disfigurement.  The white fir has the same blue hue that many people love in the blue spruce, but is much better suited for the area, being much more resistant to fungal disease problems.  The needles are also rounded and soft, unlike the pointed needles of the spruce.  This is a great choice for anyone replacing a diseased blue spruce or wanting a unique evergreen in their yard.

white spruce white spruce

Other Wisconsin natives

Below is a list of highly recommended native trees to consider planting in our area:
Ironwood, musclewood, Kentucky coffeetree, swamp white oak, pagoda dogwood, apple serviceberry, hackberry, linden, hemlock, white spruce, and the American hazelnut.  This is a small list of my personal favorites, stemming from many years of experience with these trees in the field.  One of our Certified Arborists can help you pick the best species for your landscape, as well as delivering and planting the trees for you.


By: Matt Siesco

Hoppe Tree Service

Certified Arborist- WI-0959A


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