Spring Tree Care Activities

Spring is a crucial time for tree care activities.  Tree root systems are very active.  Buds are opening up and leaves are starting to open.  There are many treatments and healthy processes for trees and shrubs that are best performed in the spring.  Preventive treatments for many insects and diseases take place in the spring. Below is a list of some services that we perform in the spring.

Soil insecticide- Root systems are very active, and spring is a great time to apply soil injected insecticide.  Hoppe Tree Service uses a pressured tank and soil probe to pump a liquid solution right to the root zone of trees and shrubs.   This systemic insecticide is absorbed thru the root system and travels through the vascular system of the tree.  This is a good method to protect against insect pests such as bronze birch borer, emerald ash borer, linden borer insect, and scale insects.  These are some of our most destructive pests and these insects kill trees if left unchecked.

Soil injected fertilization- Hoppe Tree Service uses slow release fertilizer products that are low in phosphorus and provide essential micronutrients such as iron, and manganese (which are essential for green leaf color).  Our liquid biopak fertilizer is injected right where the fine absorbing roots of trees are located.  (Within the top 14” of the soil profile.)  This treatment provides widespread coverage around the root system and can help reverse stress in plant root systems.

Foliar spray- Many of our favorite trees can be susceptible to fungus attack or insect pests which can be controlled thru foliar sprays of fungicide or insecticide treatments.  Hoppe Tree Service can inspect your trees and develop a program to control common landscape problems such as apple scab fungus on flowering crab trees.  Or needle drop fungus problems on pines and spruce trees.  Foliar programs consist of a series of sprays.  Common programs consist of 2-4 separate applications throughout the growing season.

Tree pruning- Once leaves are on the trees, dead branches become much more noticeable.  Branches put on growth quickly and can start to hang too low or interfere with buildings or other areas.  Hoppe Tree Service can prune trees to suit your objective such as for healthy growing structure, additional light penetration or proper building clearances.

Mulch and compost- Hoppe Tree Service recycles our wood products (logs and wood chips) into attractive and highly beneficial landscape grade mulch, or compost. Compost is a great soil amendment for gardens or for tree and shrub growth.  Hoppe Tree Service can come by and drop off a load, or we can spread compost or mulch at the proper depths for good plant growth.   Spring is a great time to top dress mulch beds.

Organic enhanced root system treatment- Many tree decline issues start with the root system.  Compacted soil, poor nutrients, or poor drainage can be big problems.  Trees can have dieback at the top, or have an overall stunted appearance.  Our all organic treatment option first uses our air spade tool to aerate the soil with compressed area.  We then backfill compost into the air spaces created, and finally we top dress with shredded wood mulch.  This treatment reverses poor soil quality and creates a favorable growing environment for tree roots.

Planting- Hoppe Tree Service performs planting services.  We provide quality nursery stock from only the most reputable wholesale nurseries in the Milwaukee area.  We deliver and install large trees and can aid you in selection of the proper plant located in the right location.

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