Winter Inspections

Free Winter Tree Inspections Provide Early Detection

Trees and shrubs are an important aspect to any home and landscape.  Having healthy strong trees is a reassuring feeling.  At Hoppe Tree Service, our team of arborists spends time every winter inspecting the trees and shrubs of our Plant Health Care Program clients.  Our goal is to make sure the program (whether it’s fertilization, emerald ash borer, or something else) is working and showing beneficial results.  Our inspection allows us to adapt and alter programs as necessary, and spot other potential problems on other trees and shrubs.   With a proactive approach we are able to spot issues early and it becomes much easier to correct problems before they become too severe to correct.  This winter our staff will try to get to as many properties as we can.   If you would like to ensure that our arborists make sure to get to your property, please let us know.  We will be happy to perform this free service this winter, even if you aren’t an existing plant health care client.  Click here to request an inspection of your property!

Why do this in the winter?

In the winter months it becomes easier to perform tree inspections.  Dormant trees have no leaves obscuring our view of the trees’ branching structure.  It becomes easier to see if a tree has broken limbs, rubbing branches, cavities, cracks, limbs with excessive weight etc.  Our trained arborists know the clues to look for to tell if a tree is in decline or thriving, even without the leaves!  Tree work is seasonal in nature and we also have more time available in the winter months to perform our tree inspections. 

What do we look for during inspection?

When our arborists perform a winter inspection we examine not only the trees we have worked on in the past, but your other trees and shrubs as well.  We have extensive knowledge on tree care and potential tree problems and want to perform early detection to keep you aware of the health of your trees and shrubs.

·         Is the tree(s) responding well to treatments given in the past?

·         Often there are different options in treating particular trees.  Should treatment protocols be changed or altered?

·         Are there any other trees at risk for insect, disease or stress issues?  What options are available?

·         Are there any potential problems to look out for in the future?  Ie.  Possible hazards in trees, or routine healthy pruning that should be done to keep trees healthy?

Once our arborist completes the inspection, we will either leave a copy in your door or mailbox, or follow up via email. 

We realize that most property owners are not experts and may not know what problems may be lurking in their trees.  We are experts with training, education and experience on our side and want to provide good reasonable care for your trees and shrubs.  

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