Small Trees Can Provide Big Color

One of the first plants to flower in the spring is the magnolia.  Magnolia flowers have just begun to open and the  large showy flowers have quite a pleasant scent. Magnolia come in a variety of configurations, like single stem tree form or multi stem clump forms. They also have a spectrum of flower colors; yellow, pink, white, and fuchsia. 

If your looking for a little smaller flower one of our favorites is the redbud tree. Redbuds have many small pinkish purple flowers along the branches, this provides for a wonderful show of color with less mess after bloom. Also the reddish color under the cracking bark of the redbud provides a unique look to the tree year round.

Just after the red bud has peaked in its flowering, the service berry tree comes alive with it's lacey white flowers.  This Wisconsin native plant can be grown in shady enviroments, yet it will also thrive in sunny open areas.  They grow best in well drained, yet moist areas and are a fine choice for any landscape. 

We can't forget about the flowering crab tree.  There are many varieties of crab trees.  They typically flower in mid may and come in a variety of colors, ranging from white to red, pink, and maroon color.  These trees are hardy for our climate and often cope well with drought stress. However,  it is important to choice a variety that is resistant to the two main diseases of crab apples: apple scab disease and fireblight.  Most newer varieties of crab have been selected to be resistant to these diseases.

If you are looking for fragrance and color look no further than the pungent display of the lilac bush.  Lilacs have a strong history in gardens across Wisconsin. There are multiple varieties of lilacs, they are easy to maintain, and come in a variety of colors; white, pink, rose, yellow, purple and bicolor. 

For a later spring blossom, consider the tree lilac.  This smaller tree typically grows to a height of about 20 feet, maintains a nice upright habit and displays creamy white flowers later in June.  The tree lilac is drought tolerant and grows best in a full sun environment. 

Ornamental pears are another later flowering tree with showy white flowers.  These trees can grow into a mid range size, often getting up to 30-40 feet tall at maturity.  The newer varieties available at local nurseries boast great spring blossoming and beautiful red fall color.  The two most versatile varieties of ornamental pear are the Cleveland Select Pear and the Autumn Blaze Pear. 

Fruit trees are also a great source of visual entertainment this time of year, there are many varieties of apples, crabs, cherries and plums. Each variety and type has it own uniques color and time of bloom, if you have the space consider planting different kinds to in increase diversity and magnificent display.

Flowers are a sign of the changing season, winter is over and the flowers are telling us it ok to go outside and enjoy nature. A newly planted flowering tree or maintenance of an exciting tree can add spring beauty to your yard. If your interested in a little more color this spring give Hoppe Tree Service a call. The certified arborist with Hoppe Tree Service can give you personalized recommendations on making your yard beautiful with flowering trees.

Happy Spring.

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