Wauwatosa Emerald Ash Borer Program

City of Wauwatosa emerald ash borer program

The City of Wauwatosa became the latest community to take action against the emerald ash borer insect.  The City of Wauwatosa announced that they will treat city owned ash trees by request of homeowners.  The city will be using soil insecticide product that should be repeated annually.  Home owners will be charged the cost of the treatment chemical.  (usually $10-$30)  This is a great opportunity for home owners to receive a discounted price for preserving the city owned ash trees near their homes.   Ash trees that are owned by home owners do not qualify for this city program.  More and more communities are recognizing the threat that emerald ash borer poses.  Cedarburg, Milwaukee, and numerous other municipalities in our community have already taken sets to protect city owned ash trees.

More and more homeowners are also realizing that protecting their established healthy ash trees is a good idea.  Hoppe Tree Service does provide treatment options for privately owned ash trees and we can provide effective prevention of emerald ash borer with multiple treatment options.

The emerald ash borer insect is a destructive insect pest that kills ash trees.  The Milwaukee area has numerous ash trees on both residential and city trees.  The insect pest is currently known to be present in northern Ozaukee and southern Milwaukee County.  It is most likely that there are other infestations in the Milwaukee area that have not been discovered yet.

Home owners should strongly consider treating their own ash trees.  Hoppe Tree Service uses two preferred treatment options to protect against emerald ash borer- soil insecticide, and tree-age trunk injection.

The soil insecticide treatment is injected into the ground and is picked up through the root system of the tree and is then systemically moved throughout the tree.  This treatment is a one year dosage and should be repeated annually.  Generally this type of treatment works well for smaller diameter trees.  For larger trees  (14” diameter or greater) it takes multiple years of soil insecticide for the tree  to be considered fully treated with the proper concentration of the insecticide.   Larger diameter trees may be better served with the tree-age trunk injection treatment.

Tree-age trunk injection is best used on larger diameter ash trees. (greater than 14” diam.)  This treatment is a two year dosage and needs to be repeated every other year.  Small holes are drilled around the base of the tree and the insecticide is then pumped into the tree using a pressurized tank.  The product then moves through the vascular tissue of the tree, providing protection against the emerald ash borer insect.

If you have questions regarding emerald ash borer treatments, or would like a price quote please contact a representative of Hoppe Tree Service.


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