Provide Security with a Tree Cable

cable on snowy trees

If you look closely, you will see that a metal cable is attached to both of the main trunks of this tree.  The cable will keep the tree from splitting under the weight of snow, ice and damaging winds.




Over time, trees may develop structural defects which may not be obvious to the untrained eye.  These defects may create an unsafe tree that is prone to failure.  Some trees may be too hazardous to remain in a populated area, but many times we can take steps to support these defects and make your tree less prone to failure.  One common way of securing a defective, hazardous tree is a process called Tree Cabling.  Our experienced Certified Arborists can do a thorough tree hazard inspection to see if your tree is a candidate for Cabling.

Cables are a supplemental support system of high strength steel cable installed high in the trees canopy to reduce the stress of weak or defective areas of the tree.  Our company uses a system called the Rig-Guy cable system.  It is a very secure, clean-looking system that conforms to our industry's high standards.  When installed, the steel cable reduces the extreme movement trees go through in high wind conditions that we often face, as well as securing the tree when it bears the weight of snow and ice.  There is sometimes concern of cables affecting the aesthetic value of a tree, but in most cases, the cable is not noticeable from the ground, and the benefits of safety and peace of mind far outweigh the concern.

Trees are an invaluable part of your landscape and we strive to keep them healthy and safe for years to come.  Regular inspection and maintenance can ensure this, and we have the experience, knowledge, and modern equipment to perform these tasks.  Have one of our Certified Arborists out to perform a thorough inspection of your trees and develop a personalized plan for your trees health and safety.


By Matt Siesco

Certified Arborist WI-0959A

Hoppe Tree Service




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