A day of service at Wood National Cemetary

On a gorgeous and sunny day,(Wednesday March 16th) the Wisconsin Arborist Association undertook it's annual day of service.  This year this group of tree care experts picked the Wood National Cemetary.  This veteran's cemetary is located next to the VA center in Milwaukee.  The area has lots of large old oak trees and other massive trees such as sugar maple and honey locust trees. 

Many of the trees were in bad need of pruning and many dead trees needed to be removed.  The group of volunteers included over 30 tree care professionals from all over Wisconsin.  Hoppe Tree Service sent two of our most experienced certified arborists to join the event, David Schwantes and August Hoppe.  To do our part, Hoppe Tree Service brought in our bucket truck and an assortment of tools to get the work done.  Our Hoppe Team worked on removal of three completely dead white oak trees.  These trees were located right next to tombstones, driveways and walkways, and were becoming very brittle and dangerous.

Dave Schwantes worked in the bucket truck, using advanced rigging techinques to guide the limbs and branches down safety without damage.  August Hoppe worked on the ground, using the lowering lines and operating large chain saws and felling the trunks of the removed trees. 

After the oak removals, the crew then shifted gears to pruning of large dead and low hanging limbs.  This increased the safety of the driveways and brought valuable light down onto grass surfaces. 

Overall the Hoppe Tree Service team and the other great volunteers performed a serious amount of tree work.  It is estimated that around $20,000 worth of tree work was performed within the day. 

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