The challenge of a big job

  At Hoppe Tree Service we work on jobs of all sizes- small, medium, and large.  All jobs are different and unique.   The small jobs can be nice in the fact that they are easy in, easy out type of activities, such as shaping of a small ornamental tree, or a bush removal job.  Believe it or not, these types of jobs can be a relaxing and therapeutic activity.   But the excitement and the challenge of a large job can be like no other.  Some of these big jobs can really push you, physically and mentally.  Successfully completing a challenging job gives you a great feeling of satisfaction. Here is a story of one of our most recent “bigger jobs”.

Our crew was scheduled to perform trimming of all the trees in the backyard.  There was no access into the backyard for larger equipment like our bucket truck or mini-lift.  We were going to have to climb the trees.  The trees were numerous, and some were really huge. We were going to need all of our best tree climbers on this job. I was looking at the weather report all week, hoping that a stretch of good weather would continue.   I awoke the morning of the designated day, and sure enough, the forecast called for rain throughout the morning.  I then received a phone call from one of our most capable climbers, he was not going to be able to come in today because of illness.  What a start to the day.  I drove over to the job site in the morning to go over the work plan with the crew.  As our trucks and crew members started to arrive, so did the rain. The crew looked at the towering trees with skepticism, and I could sense the feeling from the guys that this job would be too difficult and the trees too tall, for us to do this day.

We all talked about it and decided that maybe we could start on some of the smaller trees, and finish the job under better circumstances, with a full crew and a dry day.   I had appointments for the rest of the morning and told the crew that I would come back around lunch time to see how things were going, and to help out if I could.

I was a block away from returning to the job site when I looked up saw one of our arborists Dave Schwantes way up into the tallest ash tree on the property.  This was a delightful sight to see.  I thought to myself, if Dave is able to do this tree, the other guys are probably climbing around in the other trees, and there might actually be a chance of finishing this job in one day.  Sure enough as a I pulled into the client’s driveway I saw all of our guys working in trees.  Even my father Dean Hoppe was high up in a maple tree pruning away at dead branches.  I grabbed my climbing saddle and walked into the backyard, looking for something to do, but the crew had all the trees handled.  So I enthusiastically put my saddle on the ground and started dragging brush out to the front next to our brush chipper.

Dave Schwantes eventually finished pruning this large ash tree and once he was safely on the ground, I went over to him to show my appreciation.  He simply said “Well it stopped raining and I thought that we might as well do it.”  After all these trees weren’t going to prune themselves.

I am extremely proud of the crew for getting this job done.  The guys could have just packed up and said “we’ll do it another day.”  Everybody on the crew challenged themselves to go the extra mile that day.  Some guys climbed their biggest trees ever that day.  Everybody worked safely and efficiently and the job got done.

August Hoppe

Certified Arborist WI-0477A

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