Staying Current in a Changing Field

Hoppe Tree Service stays up to date with current tree care trends

I am proud of our company's affiliations with the professional organizations of the tree service industry. We are members of the Tree Care Industry Association, the Wisconsin Arborist Association, and the International Society of Arboriculture.  There are many benefits of being an active member of these fine organizations.  One of the best reasons is for the educational opportunities.  Early February is a slower time for tree work, but very active time for continuing education.  Many of our arborists attended the Wisconsin Arborist Association annual conference and trade show in Green Bay WI.  This show proves invaluable in ongoing training and advancement of our employees.  Fred Hoppe and myself were not at Green Bay this year, but chose to attend the Tree Care Industry Winter Management Conference.  This conference is invaluable as a manager in helping us improve our company so that we can provide the best and most reliable service possible. 

It is important to Hoppe Tree Service to stay up-to-date in the field of arboriculture.  Things happen very fast, even in the tree care industry.  An example of this is the emerald ash borer.  This small insect barely registered on the map a couple years ago.  Now the EAB is spreading and creating havoc.  Hoppe Tree Service found the first confirmed case of Emerald Ash Borer in Oak Creek WI last November.  New treatment options have been made available and registered for use in WI (tree-age trunk injection treatment).  Hoppe Tree Service has been on the forefront of using the tree-age treatment and the more conventional systemic soil injected insecticides.  

When new technologies can improve the quality, cost, or safety of our work we will be open to it. Hoppe Tree Service is committed to our industry, and our pursuit of continuing education for all of our employees helps keep us on the cutting edge.   

 August Hoppe  

Certified Arborist WI-0477A

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