Emerald Ash Borer – NOW! is the time to act

EAB corridor


We’ve been talking about Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) for quite a few years. EAB is reaching a saturation point with large swaths of ash trees dying, changing our tree canopy as it moves from yard to yard. Hoppe Tree Service is busy with EAB, removing dead/declining ash trees, treating healthy ash trees to prevent them from dying, and planting new trees to help establish the future tree canopy. If you have ash trees on your property, it is important to plan and prepare.


 Backgoround and life cycle

EAB life cycle


EAB is an exotic invasive insect that arrived in Wisconsin in 2008. The outbreak started slow in isolated communities, but now the EAB population is booming and we are seeing dead ash trees each and every day. All species of ash, no matter if they are young or old trees are susceptible to this invasive beetle. Female ash borers lay eggs on the bark of an ash tree. After hatching, the larvae bore into the cambium layers of the tree causing serious damage while not allowing the tree to pull water and nutrients up into the canopy of the tree. The larvae pupate into adults, then emerge from the tree and the process starts over.



EAB trunkinject

Hoppe Tree Service is a leader in treating ash trees. Hoppe Tree Service arborists generally recommend treating healthy ash trees, that can make a positive impact on your landscape and property. We use a trunk injection process to deliver insecticide into the cambium layer of the tree, destroying EAB insects as they feed on the tree. Treatments can be performed through a fairly large window of time from late spring through early fall. Treatment dosages last for 2 seasons. Preventative treatments to healthy ash trees are proven to be highly effective with a success rate of over 90%. Treatment success for damaged trees can be highly variable. Typically, if a tree is showing 25% canopy loss or less, EAB treatments usually can be successful and are usually worth attempting.


untreated vs treated




Ash tree infested with Emerald Ash Borer die fast. Within 1-2 years of infestation, a tree can be dead. Ash trees become brittle and break apart fast. It is important that ash trees that are close to buildings, infrastructure, or other targets are removed expeditiously before they break apart. Hoppe Tree Service arborists are well versed in removing trees, even with obstacles around them such as power lines, houses, etc. Hoppe Tree Service has the equipment and expertise to perform tree removal jobs safely and efficiently.

Where do the removed trees go? Hoppe Tree Service has an Urban Wood Lab division that recycles wood from our tree removals and makes lumber and natural edge wood slabs for furniture and other projects. The idea of The Urban Wood Lab came about due to Emerald Ash Borer and our feeling that we should try to find more uses for all of wood from ash trees that needed to come down. Click here for: The Urban Wood Lab website to learn more about what we do with all that wood.



IMG 1035



Trees that are removed due to EAB can dramatically alter the look and feel of a property. Hoppe Tree Service knows how important trees are to the world’s environment. Our arborists understand how to select new species for you property, as we look to provide the right tree for the right location. Our planting crews work during the spring and fall season. It’s important to plant new trees right. Our expert arborists understand proper methods for planting trees to ensure they remain as long lasting resources.






Professional Tree Inventories

Hoppe Tree Service can provide a tree inventory to identify your ash trees and to help manage all of your trees and shrubs. A Hoppe Tree Service ArborPlus inventory allows you to prioritize needs, and plan your tree care budget for the upcoming years. To make educated decisions it is essential to know how many trees you have, where they are located on your property, what species they are and most importantly what condition they are in. Whether you only have a few trees, or acres and acres of them, having a Hoppe Tree Service ArborPlus tree inventory is an excellent way to store all this information together in one, easy to use place. The information is dynamic, easily searchable, and can be used to gather and analyze all sorts of information.


Management strategies for all situations

Every property is different, and there is no one right answer for how to manage the Emerald Ash Borer. Inventory, treatment, removal, and replanting are all tools that Hoppe Tree Service uses, helping you make the right decisions for the trees in your yard or property. For larger properties with a high quantity of ash trees, a combination of all of these tools can make sense. Hoppe Tree Service is an expert in managing ash trees. For more information contact 414-257-2111 or go to our website at www.hoppetreeservice.com to request additional information.


Written by: August Hoppe
Certified Arborist WI-0477A
Hoppe Tree Service



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